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Summer Soul is located on idyllic Hornby Island where artists and free thinkers have long made their home. The island is renowned for its natural beauty. “Hawaiian” white sand beaches, awesome mountain biking, music festivals and a sweet, hippie counterculture draw people to this little gem of an island in the Salish Sea.


The Summer Soul property is on 10 acres in the Agricultural Land Reserve with 3 acres cleared for cultivation.


We are growing 30 different vegetable crops using sustainable methods such as: low-tillage and appropriate technology; biologically intensive use of space; tremendous care given to the soil and micro-organisms therein; and all the other standard organic practices like cover cropping, rotation, non-GMO seeds, no toxic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.


We follow the gospel according to Canadian sweetheart JM Fortier (The Market Gardener), who is providing a new generation of farmers with a roadmap to succeed in what has traditionally been a nearly impossible way to make a living.



Through the practice and demonstration of sustainable agricultural methods, our mission is to provide highly nutritious organic produce and an exceptional farm experience for the visitors and residents of Hornby Island, fortifying their connection to the earth, their food and each other.



Farmer Sarah

Female, 50+, first generation farmer. Say that five times fast. Summer Soul is my lifelong dream come true. I worked in the wellness industry and adult education for 20 years. The Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, The Vancouver School of Yoga and the Vancouver School of Expressive Arts Therapy were my business babies until I sold them in 2016, specifically to follow my heart and dive deep into the world of sustainable agriculture. This farm is a never-ending project, my canvas and very best teacher - it brings me indescribable joy. I delight in sharing this magical place with my family, friends and extended community. 

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