So you want to be a farmer on Hornby Island...

Full-time Farm Hand

Term: April 1 - September 30, 2021

Job Description:

As a farm hand, you are involved in virtually all farm tasks throughout the entire growing season. You will learn all of our methods including: field and bed preparation, nursery and direct seeding, greenhouse management, weed and pest management, harvest and packing, sales and marketing. Some minor construction, installations and painting are expected this season.


We intend to create an open, fun and healthy work environment. We want to attract like-minded people who share our passion for sustainable agriculture and ecological design. The work is definitely physically demanding (yes, you must be fit and preferably injury free), but it is also highly creative and deeply rewarding. 


The daily and weekly schedule fluctuates throughout the season, but will generally be 6 days/week, 6 – 7 hours/day. Lots of flexibility for additional days off and a week off mid-season if desired. 


Every morning during the high season, we harvest, set up the roadside stand and irrigate. Here's a sample week with tasks we might be working on, in addition to those above:

  • Monday: nursery and greenhouse maintenance                                             

  • Tuesday: bed prep and planting                                      

  • Wednesday: early start, go to market                                        

  • Thursday: weeding and general maintenance

  • Friday: bed prep and planting

  • Saturday: early start, go to market

  • Sunday: rest 


Experience and Qualifications:

You have a positive, upbeat personality; an energetic, focused approach to the workplace; and stellar interpersonal skills – you are friendly, gracious and helpful. You take verbal, written and practical instructions easily, first mastering a task and then maximizing efficiency. You are a team player, balanced with the ability to work independently and in a self-directed manner. You enjoy physical, meditative work with a soft breeze on your face and a birdsong soundtrack in the background. In a perfect world you come replete with farming experience and/or education, but frankly an interest in sustainable agriculture, love for the outdoors and a desire to have a truly positive impact on the environment and our community is of much greater value.


Pay is $1,000/month + end of season bonus and includes on-site private accommodation. Plus heaps of high vibe organic vegetables.


If interested, please have a peruse of our website and if you are unfamiliar with Hornby Island, do some research so that you clearly understand the privileges of this beautiful place (www.hornbyisland.com). Email your resume and letter of intent, and feel free to call if you have any questions. Couples and/or two friends who want to have this experience together, and don’t mind living in close quarters, are encouraged to apply.


Sarah Bonner    

Cell: 604-537-5320


Miscellaneous Info:

We will be hiring one or two new farm hands depending on returning staff. TBD.

Dogs are not welcome, sorry. 


Accommodation is a pristine 24' trailer, set apart from the main house. The trailer has a a full bathroom, kitchen, table, couch, queen sized bed. It is fully functional with heat, hot water and electricity. 2 people maximum will share the trailer (hence good friends or couples encouraged to apply).

We have a tractor, her name is Cassidy. We use her minimally, mostly for moving compost. Work is largely done with hand tools and wheelbarrow. And sweat and love.

No animals, sadly. But chickens and goats are coming in the future.

We're not certified organic yet, but our practices are totally righteous.

Farming is both art and science, and if you want it to be, a soulful experience. It is a calling for all types of folks, but if you are open to joy, wonder and magic all while working your ass off, you're on the short list for sure!